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There’s not much worse than being stranded on the road after an accident. It’s incredibly stressful, you’re often miles away from anywhere remotely useful, and the very nature of the scenario means that you’re unprepared and on the back foot.

Here at MGM Panelbeaters we are equipped with a flatbed tow truck that ensures that your vehicle is safely transported back to our workshop where we can start repairs.

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Chassis Straightening

When you have the bad luck to be in an accident, there’s a good chance that the chassis, the framework which the holds the entire vehicle together, can become deformed by the force of the impact.

While this sort of damage could be ignored at first, it will eventually render your vehicle immobile, and it is extremely dangerous to drive with a bent chassis, as a second accident with a bent chassis would be disastrous.

MGM Panelbeaters is equipped with a state of the art Car-O-liner with vector pullers that ensure your vehicle is returned to factory specifications, within the milimetre.

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Dent Repairs 

No matter how carefully you drive, as long as there are other drivers, you will at some point end up with a dent or a ding. Whether it’s an inconsiderate parking spot neighbour, a stray shopping trolley, or even hail, we all end up with a couple of scuffs at some time in our driving careers.

Our skilled panel beaters can repair everything from heavy smashes to minor scratches and dings, so no matter what kind of damage you’ve taken, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our friendly staff today!

Spray Painting

The Australian sun is not kind to vehicle paint. The harsh UV rays will quickly fade the colour unless you keep your vehicle inside or covered.

Whether you’re just looking to freshen up your paintwork, a brand new coat of paint, a custom job, or we’re just repainting the repairs we’ve made to your vehicle, our expert spray painters can help you.

MGM Panelbeaters is equipped with a fully sealed paint room, to reduce contaminants in the paint, and provide you with a deeper, lustrous colour.

No matter what your spray painting need is, we can help, so contact us today!

eSafety Checks (Pink Slips)

When you’re looking to register, or re-register a vehicle you may need to ensure it passes an eSafety Check (formerly a Pink Slip), issued by an authorised inspection station. Your registration renewal document will let you know whether or not you need an eSafety Check.

eSafety Checks ensure that your vehicle meets the legal safety standards to be driven on New South Wales roads, and if you fail the initial check, once the repairs are complete, returning to the inital inspection station will allow you to try for the check again, free of charge.

MGM Panelbeaters is a fully authorised inspection station, so if you need an eSafety Check, get in touch today!